Strange Times: The COVID-19 Interruption

Here we all are, suddenly (well, comparatively suddenly) faced with social isolation as we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Am I the only work-at-home entrepreneur who finds it hard to settle down to work?  Most of my client work is on hold at the moment, but there are things I could (and should) be doing with my website, bookkeeping, filing…  Yet I sit down to my computer and feel totally without inspiration.

One thing I am doing:  I’m NOT beating myself up for not being more productive.  (Well, not much, anyway!)  Every day I make an effort, then when I run out of steam I just accept it and go into passive mode.  (Hey, today I actually wrote and posted a blog post!).

Other things I am doing:  I’m praying more.  I’m reading more.  I’m keeping in touch with family and friends (email, phone).  And I’m looking for ways to keep up a positive attitude:

  • Walking outside – I have the fortune to have a big open field with a view of the Annapolis River right outside my door
  • Listening to music, on CD or on YouTube
  • Watching comedies -from my “Dick Van Dyke” show collection to humourous videos on YouTube (check out JeanneRobertson for very funny – and clean – humour!)

We’ll get through this. 

Finally, let me share one of my videos with you:  Wordless Peace