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Are you looking for royalty-free stock music for your film, podcast, video, ad, presentation or other use?  I offer original music created and recorded by my late husband, Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods, on my Pond5 Portfolio


So far I've uploaded 128 titles in Action, Ambient, Blues/Jazz, Country, Easy Listening, Fifties, Rock, and Romantic.  For example:

Joyride: Boogie Rock (Action)

A Minor In Jazz: Jazz-Blues Instrumental

Downtown Shuffle: Country Instrumental

Nordel Blues: 50s Guitar Instrumental

Skid Row Blues: Rock Instrumental

This music can be used for: 


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Find the details on the Pond5 License Agreement.


In order to buy stock music from the Dustwood Media Pond5 Portfolio, you will need to create a free Pond5 account.  Purchasing and fulfillment are handled through Pond5.com.

Purchasing and fulfillment are handled through Pond5.com.  Depending on your music needs, you can pay per item, buy a Credit Pack, or purchase a Pond5 Membership.  See the Pond5 Pricing Page for details.  Note that payments are handled through Pond5 - I never see your payment information.


Pond5 handles delivery (downloads).  After you pay for your products, you can download the files immediately from the purchase confirmation page or your downloads page.


If you experience any issues or have a problem with a file, please contact Pond5 within 24 Hours.  Their Customer Support team is happily standing by to help make things right!

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