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Stock images are images that you can legally use on your website, promo materials, products or other places.  Stock images are made available to you by the photographer or artist.  The creator of the image licenses the images to you, sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee; he or she decides what uses will be permitted.  

Whenever you find a stock image online, be sure to check the licensing so you know whether you can use the image for what you need.

All of my images can be used in:

Not sure if you can use my images in a particular way?  Check the licensing terms.  Still not sure?  Contact me and I'll let you know!


My images are designed for a variety of different purposes.  The following are "for print" sizes, formatted at 300ppi (pixels per inch).  The first size listed is the image size in pixels (width x height).  The second size listed is the size in inches when the image is printed at 300dpi (dots per inch).

Full page:  3300 x 2500px; 11 x 8.5".   Excellent for full-page borderless prints and mini-posters.

Bordered page:  3000 x 2250px; 10 x 7.5" (allowing 1/2" margins all around on an 11 x 8.5" sheet).  Good for prints or mini-posters to be matted or framed.

Half page:  2250 x 1650px; 8.5 x 5.5".  Perfect for half-fold greeting cards (one card printed on an 8 1/2
x 11" sheet and folded in half).

Quarter-Page:  1650 x 1275px; 5.5 x 4.25".  Perfect for quarter-fold cards (two notecards cards printed per 8 1/2 x 11" sheet, cut apart and folded).

Images designed for online use are available in a variety of sizes, and are formatted at 72ppi.  NOTE:  To see how large a particular image would be if printed at 300 dpi (dots per inch), divide the width and height in pixels by 300.

Some specific online sizes:

Wallpaper (for laptop computers):  1366 x 768px (56.22% ratio)

Slides (i.e. PowerPoint, YouTube videos etc.):  
    Standard slides, 1024 x 768px, or 1152 x 864px, or 1280 x 960px (4:3
    PowerPoint slides, 1920 x 1080px (16:9 ratio)
    YouTube slides, 800 x 600px (4:3 ratio).

Backgrounds (for use on websites etc.):  usually 1280 x 960px.


Free stock images come in a variety of sizes and are available for use under a Creative Commons BY License. Images are free to edit and use for commercial, business, non-profit, or personal use, but you must "attribute" the image (say somewhere that the image is from Dustwood Media).  Remember, although you are given a free license to use the image, I remain the image owner - I have copyright to the image.

License restrictions for all images:  images may not be used for pornographic or hate-mongering purposes.  Full licensing details can be found on the Licensing page.


Free stock images can be downloaded directly from this website.  

See the Ordering Information page for more details.


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Stock Images:  stock photos and stock art for your commercial, business, non-profit or personal use.
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Golden Lombardy poplars dominate a scene of autumn trees atop a hill under a blue sky.

Lombardy Poplars In Fall 5:  free fall foliage stock photo from the Autumn category.

Need stock images for your website, social media profile, promotional materials, slideshows or commercial products?  I offer a good selection of original stock photos and stock artwork for your commercial, business, non-profit and personal use.  These are available for free download under a Creative Commons BY license.  Stock image collections on CD will be coming later in 2017.