Gold maple leaves on a page badge.

Seasons and weather offer so much:  beautiful images, and ideas and moods ranging from brightness to sadness, hopefulness, outdoor fun, Christmas, harvest, silence, even the ominous.  Here you’ll find an assortment of seasonal and weather photos.  You can download the images below for free.

All images are available under a Creative Commons BY license.  I retain copyright in all images, but you are licensed to use these images for business, commercial, non-profit or personal purposes, as long as you include a statement that the image is from Dustwood Media.  

Each image description includes an image size in pixels (with the resolution in PPI – pixels per inch) and, where applicable, the actual printed size in inches when printed with a resolution of 300ppi.

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Three poplar leaves against a cracked stone.
Autumn Leaves On Stone 1
Three yellow poplar leaves with a touch of green, lying on cracked grey stone. Symbol of autumn, age, division, loss. Quarter-page size 1650 x 1275px (300ppi). Actual print size 5.5 x 4.25.
Red and gold maple leaf against background of green and yellow leaves.
Red-Gold Maple Leaf 3
A single red-and-gold maple leaf is the focal point of a mass of green and yellow leaves. Symbol of autumn, of change, of individuality, of standing out from the crowd. YouTube slideshow size 1280 x 720px (72ppi).
Storm clouds moving in, darkening the land below.
Approaching Storm 11
Storm clouds moving in from the left shoulder away the blue sky, bringing an ominous darkness with them.  YouTube Slideshow size, 1280 x 720px (72ppi).
Woods in autumn with mists and distant mountains.
Sad Autumn Woods 3
The sadness and coolness of autumn: bare-branched shrubs, dull gold of fall foliage on trees, with heavy mists and low clouds almost hiding the distant mountains. YouTube slideshow size 1280 x 720px (72ppi).

Free images are available under a Creative Commons BY License:  this allows you, the user, to copy, use, re-work, distribute, sell, or display the free images on this page, PROVIDED that  you “attribute” the image – that is, you state somewhere on the item that the image is from Dustwood Media.  You can use the images for business, commercial, non-profit, or personal purposes.  

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