Need stock photos or images for your website, social media profile, promotional materials, slideshows, greeting cards or commercial products?  I offer a selection of original stock images for your commercial, business, non-profit or personal use.  All images are free and are licensed under a Creative Commons BY4 license (see Licensing Page for details).  

Image sizes:
            Quarter Page size:                   5.5 x 4.25″ (landscape) or 4.25 x 5.5″ (portrait)
            Half Page size:                         8.5 x 5.5″ (landscape) or 5.5 x 8.5″ (portrait)
            Other:                        Varies (may be landscape or portrait orientation)
YouTube Slideshow Size: Online use only; designed for creating slideshows to use
on YouTube.

What are stock Images and why should I care?

Stock images are images that you can legally use online or in printed materials.  Stock images may be in the public domain, or are made available to you by the photographer (as on this website).  Except for public domain images, the creator of the image licenses it to you, sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.  The creator decides what uses are permitted.  (For more about public domain, copyright, and Creative Common licenses, see the Copyright page).

Whenever you find a stock image online, be sure to check the licensing so you know whether you can use the image for what you need.

All of my stock images can be used in:

  • book manuscripts
  • album covers
  • promotional materials
  • letterheads, business cards and other business documents
  • product packaging
  • websites
  • slideshows
  • commercial products such as coffee mugs, totes, t-shirts, calendars
  • greeting cards or notecards for commercial sale or for personal or business use
  • prints or posters
  • reference photos for creating artwork
  • and more!

More About My Stock Images

VIEW AN IMAGE:  Click on the thumbnail of any image to see a larger image. 
SAVE THE FULL IMAGE:  right-click the full image (not the thumbnail) and and select the appropriate command for your browser (“Save Picture As” for Microsoft Edge, “Save Image As” for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) to save the image to your computer.

Under a Creative Commons BY4 License, my images may be edited and used for commercial, business, non-profit, or personal use, but you must “attribute” the image (say somewhere, where people can find it, that the image is from Dustwood Media).  Remember, although you are given a license to use the image, I remain the image owner – I have copyright to the image.

License restrictions for all images:  images may not be used for pornographic or hate-mongering purposes.