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Home:   Dustwood Media offers graphic design services as well as stock photos and artwork.

Office Services:  You have better things to do than type or wrestle with numbers.  Let me do your data entry, typing, spreadsheets, and document design for you.

Photo Editing Services:  Need images edited for use in promo materials or social media?  Have pictures that need fixing, but lack the tools - and time - to do it yourself?  I can provide the image editing services you need.

Photo Editing Tips:  some handing tips on digital and print photos.

DPI vs PPI:  Dots Per Inch vs. Pixels Per Inch:  how to understand (sort of) digital image resolution.

Stock Images:   I offer royalty-free stock photos and artwork for commercial, business, non-profit and personal use.  Here you will find a good  selection of free images which you can use for business, commercial, non-profit or personal purposes under a Creative Commons BY license.

Animal Images:  an assortment of animal photos and artwork.

Autumn Stock Images:  an assortment of autumn-themed photos.

Christian Stock Images:  various Christmas-themed photos and art images.

Christmas Stock Images:  a selection of free Christmas images - photos and artwork - mostly for online use.  

Jeri's Office Blog:  my blog on graphic design and general business subjects, including the odd rant.

Resources:  Links to useful websites for the small business.    

About Dustwood Media:  General information about Dustwood Media and myself, the owner, including a short bio.

Ordering Information:  Here you find information on ordering services from Dustwood Media.  Payment, my satisfaction guarantee and return policy are all included.

Copyright:  information on copyright and Creative Commons licensing.

Licensing:  all about licensing my stock images.

Client Reviews:  Find out what other clients have to say about me!

Client Review Form: submit your own review!

Privacy Policy:  Dustwood Media’s privacy policy.

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions.

Site Map (this page, of course!)

Contact Dustwood Media:  complete contact information.

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