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HOME:   As a photographer, artist, and Virtual Assistant, I provide services for artists, musicians, and authors; I offer
free stock images (under a Creative Commons BY license) for your personal or business use; I sell prints of my art
and photos on my ArtPal Gallery; and I provide stock music  on my Pond5 portfolio.

SERVICES:  From my experience as an artist, wife of a musician, and Virtual Assistant, I offer services for Canadian
authors, artists and musicians.

RESOURCES FOR AUTHORS:  book indexing, document editing and photo editing services to help get your
book ready to publish.

RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS:  spreadsheet databases to track your artworks.

RESOURCES FOR MUSICIANS:  spreadsheet databases to track your music, and help getting your music
           albums set up on Bandcamp.com.

PHOTO EDITING: image editing services to prepare your images (art or photos) for online or print use,
          whatever your needs.

PHOTO EDITING TIPS:  some handing tips on digital and print photos.

DPI vs PPI:  Dots Per Inch vs. Pixels Per Inch:  how to understand (sort of) digital image resolution.

OTHER RESOURCES:  a selection of resources which I have personally found useful and helpful.

STOCK IMAGES:   I offer a good selection of original stock images for your commercial, business, non-profit or
personal use.  Most are available for free download under a Creative Commons BY license. 

ANIMAL STOCK IMAGES:  an assortment of animal photos and artwork

AUTUMN STOCK IMAGES:  a variety of autumn photos.

BOAT STOCK IMAGES:  a selection of boat images, both in and out of water.

COUNTRY STOCK IMAGES:  an assortment of country-themed images.

FLOWER STOCK IMAGES:  Stock images featuring flower photos and artwork.

STOCK MUSIC:  I offer original music created and recorded by my husband, the late Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods,
through my Pond5 Portfolio.

ART/PHOTO PRODUCTS:  Here you will find products featuring my original artwork and photographs through
my ArtPal Gallery.

ABOUT DUSTWOOD MEDIA:  General information about Dustwood Media and myself, the owner, including a
short bio.

CONTACT DUSTWOOD MEDIA:  complete contact information.

ORDERING INFORMATION:  Here you find information on ordering services from Dustwood Media.  
Payment, my satisfaction guarantee and return policy are all included.

COPYRIGHT:  information on copyright and Creative Commons licensing.

LICENSING:  all about licensing my stock images.

PRIVACY POLICY:  Dustwood Media’s privacy policy.

SITE MAP (this page, of course!)