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HOME:   Dustwood Media offers photo editing services, stock images, and stock music, as well as helpful resources for Canadian small businesses
including authors, artists, and musicians.  Also available are products including wall art, cards, iPad skins and cases, spiral notebooks, mouse pads and
mugs, all featuring original artwork and photos.

PHOTO EDITING SERVICES:  Need images edited, photos fixed, or family pictures scanned in to the computer?  Dustwood Media can optimize your
photos for online or print use, resize or clean up images, and digitize your film (print) photographs.

          PHOTO EDITING TIPS:  some handy tips for editing digital and print photos.

         DPI vs PPI:  Dots Per Inch vs. Pixels Per Inch:  how to understand (sort of) digital image resolution.

RESOURCES:  Links to useful websites and tools for artists, authors, musicians, and small businesses..  

DM STOCK PHOTOSDustwood Media's PayHip store offers a selection of original stock photographs for your commercial, business, non-profit or
personal use.  Subjects include nature images of all sorts and images of man-made things from tools to roads to pulp mills.  All images are available for
purchase under a Creative Commons BY4 License..

DM STOCK MUSIC:  Looking for royalty-free stock music for your film, podcast, YouTube video, game, ad, presentation or other use?  Dustwood
Media's Pond5 Portfolio offers original stock music in a variety of genres.

REDBUBBLE PRODUCTSDustwood Media's Redbubble Shop offers many kinds of products featuring original artwork and photographs.  Products
range from several kinds of wall art to mouse pads, totes, skins and cases for iPads/iPhones/Samsung Galaxy, coasters and coffee mugs.

ABOUT DM:  General information about Dustwood Media and myself, the owner, including background, experience, and education.

CONTACT DUSTWOOD MEDIA:  complete contact information.

JERI'S OFFICE BLOG:  my blog for solopreneurs and home businesses, particularly authors, artists, and musicians.

COPYRIGHT And CREATIVE COMMONS:  information on copyright and Creative Commons licensing.

LICENSING:  all about licensing my stock images and stock music.

PRIVACY POLICY:  Dustwood Media’s privacy policy.

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