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Here’s where you’ll find helpful information, resources and links.  

PLEASE NOTE:  While I check out all links before adding them, the Internet is an ever-changing place.  If you find a link that is now unsuitable, or just doesn't work, please let me know and I'll fix it!

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Dustwood Media's webhost of choice:  HOSTPAPA.  Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, one free domain name and much more for $8.99/month or less.

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MARKETING NEWSLETTER:  CREATIVE MARKETING SOLUTIONS.   Be sure to subscribe to Marcia Yudkin's free Marketing Minute newsletter.  Marcia's quick weekly newsletter - it really does only take a minute to read - will give you all kinds of great marketing tips.  While you're on her site, be sure to check out Marcia's other marketing services and resources.
Marcia operates out of Goshen, Massachusetts, USA

ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS:  PAYPAL.  We have been using PayPal Payments Standard for years to give us the capability of accepting both credit card payments and PayPal payments on our various shopping carts.  We've always found them to be reliable, and there's no better - or easier - way to get into e-commerce.  Setup is free, and there are no regular monthly charges.  You simply pay a percentage of each sale (2.9% plus $0.30) to PayPal - which means you only pay when you make money.   The only other fee is a charge of $0.50 when you transfer money from PayPal to your bank account.

EMAIL MARKETING:  MAILCHIMP.  MailChimp provides you with an Email marketing tool similar to Constant Contact, but with a viable free level - up to 2,000 subscribers, up to 12,000 emails a month, proper opt-in features and more.  Constant Contact is great, but MailChimp will let you get started with your own e-newsletters without having to bite into your budget.

PAYROLL TOOL:  PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS ONLINE CALCULATOR (for Canada).  This is an extremely handy tool for any Canadian small business that has to handle a small payroll and doesn't want to pay the extra for the payroll module in Sage or QuickBooks.  Completely free (from CRA), and provides you with printed reports for the employee and for the employer's MERCs.  

WEBSITE STATS:  STATCOUNTER.  An excellent and very detailed statistics-tracking service for your website, and it's free for up to 250,000 pageloads per month.  Gives you not only recent visitor activity, but
tracks keyword activity, visit length, browser stats, resolution stats, and more.  I have used StatCounter for years!

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SHORT URLS:  BITLY:  Create and track your own short links - especially good for Twitter.  For instance, instead of typing out my LinkedIn profile URL ( I can simply type in the Bitly URL:  Another great free tool.


You may have an email account available through your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  For instance, we use as our ISP, and we have two free email addresses that come with the service.  Check out your ISP online and see if email addresses are included in your package.

You can also get a free email address at Yahoo, Hotmail, and other places, but many servers treat email from these locations as junk mail.  If you are using the email for business, do NOT use a Yahoo or Hotmail email address.

Google's Gmail is a good choice for a free online email provider.

GET THE FACTS:  SNOPES.COM is "the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation."  There's a LOT of misinformation (deliberate or otherwise) circulating on the Internet. is a great place to check out the actual facts.

STOCK PHOTOS:  Looking for stock photos and don't mind paying for them?  If you can't find what you want in my free stock images, check out FOTOSEARCH.COM for a huge selection of stock images. Photo prices vary depending on size and resolution, or you can save by purchasing "credits" starting at $1.50 per credit. is operated out of Waukesha, Wisconsin - just a few miles west of my old home town, Wauwatosa!

MORE STOCK PHOTOS:  Another source - a Canadian one - for purchasing a huge variety of stock photos is CANSTOCKPHOTO.COM.  Images cost between $2.50 and $12 apiece or you can purchase "credits" ahead of time (the same images cost between 2 and 10 credits apiece, with a credit costing $0.75 or less, depending on how many credits you purchase at a time).  
CanStockPhoto is located in Halifax, right here in Nova Scotia where Dustwood Media is located.