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Products Featuring Images From Dustwood Media.

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I offer a wide selection of prints featuring my original artwork and photos on my ArtPal Gallery.  New artwork and photos are added regularly. 
Each image is available as:
FRAMED PRINTS with a choice of 62 different frames with 0-3 mats in 27 different colours and 5 different types of plexiglass or
CANVAS PRINTS with 5 different wrap styles, framed canvas, or rolled canvas
FINE ART PRINTS, no frame.
You'll find prints in the following categories:

Dustwood Media ANIMALS Collection:

When I first started drawing - in my early teens - animals were my subject of choice.  I still loving making, and taking, images of animals.  Hope you enjoy these!  A collection of 6 different animal drawings in pencil, pen, and coloured pencil.  Examples:

Mr. Bojangles. It's all in the eyes! Pencil drawing of the head of a collie cross, Mr. Bojangles, with a very sweet expression. Any dog lover knows this look. Actual image size 7.5 x 10.75".

Newfoundland Pony 1.  Pencil drawing of the front of a Newfoundland Pony, side view. This is a rare horse breed from Newfoundland, Canada. Actual image size 7.75 x 9.75".

Dustwood Media Flowers Collection

Flowers are another favourite subject of mine, both for drawings and photos.  From delicate to bold, quietly tinted to boldly coloured, tiny to huge, simple to complex, flowers offer an almost infinite variety of images.  A collection of 7 different flower photos and coloured pencil drawings.  Examples:

Easter Lily 1.  Delicate pencil and colored pencil drawing of the pure white trumpet of an Easter lily flower, with the curves of the trumpet-shaped blossom echoed by the green leaves. Drawn from life. Actual image size 8.5 x 7".

Begonias 2.  A cascade of double begonia flowers in sunny shades of yellow, backed by green leaves and red flowers. Bright and cheery. Actual image size 11.5 x 15.25".

Dustwood Media Mountains Collection

I've had the pleasure of living among the mountains of British Columbia for many years.  Mountains present us with images of wilderness, beauty, solitude, quiet, even delicacy.  A collection of 10 mountain photos from the Selkirk and Purcell ranges in the Kootenay region of British Columbia.  Examples:

Distant Peaks 8.  Steep, forested mountain slopes form diagonals in the foreground, sloping back to distant snow-covered peaks under a blue sky in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Feeling of space, wilderness, peace. Actual image size 10 x 7.5.

Western Mountains and Sky 1.  Dry, rolling western mountains are dappled with sun and shadow as great clouds float by in the sky. Feelings of space, freedom, peace. Bordered Page size 3000 x 2250px (300ppi). Actual image size 10 x 7.5".

Dustwood Media Gallery: General

The general Gallery is an ever-growing collection of photos and drawings that don't fit into any of the various Collections, from anchors to Inuksuks, Christmas to country and more.  Examples:

Tall Ships 9.  The sailing ship Picton Castle has some sails unfurled as it starts to move away from the dock during the Tall Ships Festival in Digby, Nova Scotia. Actual image size 7.5 x 10".

Birch Bay Christmas 1.  Pencil drawing of a mantlepiece in a cabin, decorated for Christmas with swag and Christmas stocking. A pleasant and homey monochrome country Christmas image. Actual image size 10.75 x 8.75".