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Photo Editing Services.

Have your photos cleaned up, straightened up, or prepared for special uses.  From fixing small
problems like red-eye, tilted horizons, and minor scratches and marks, to preparing images for use
in manuscripts or promotional materials, infographics, Facebook covers, YouTube Channel Art,
LinkedIn covers and more, my photo editing services will transform your digital or print photos.

My photo editing services include:

Creating special images for website/blog/social media use, including badges and headers.

Optimizing your photos for online use.

Optimizing image size for a particular use.

Resizing image files so they will load quickly.

Scanning print photos into the computer and saving them in an appropriate file type.

Creating photo albums on DVD.

"Cleaning up" photos - removing marks, removing unsightly background features like power
lines, fixing "red-eye", cropping, straightening tilted images, etc.

Advice as to whether an image file is suitable for the use you had planned.

Editing Photos For Online Use

I can edit digital photos and images for use on websites, in PowerPoint or other slideshow-creating
programs, or on social media profiles - each of which has different requirements.

You probably have a nice header image for your website – an image that is, say, 960 x 138px.  It's a
good idea to use the same image for your Facebook business page and your Twitter header... but
it’s the wrong size!  I can edit your image to fit the various requirements.

Facebook Business Page header:  851 x 315px.

Twitter header:  1252 x 262px (note: any text should be on the right-hand side, not the middle)

WordPress 2010 theme header:  940 x 198px (different themes have different-sized headers)

YouTube Channel Art:  a main image 2560 x 1440px, with the main focus in an area in the centre
that’s 1546 x 423px.

>>Note on JPG images:  every time you re-save a JPG file the quality degrades, to the extent that
a JPG file that has been saved multiple times becomes no longer useable.  Where possible, send
JPGs that have not been worked on or re-saved.

Editing Print Photos

What if the image you want to use is a print (film or non-digital) photo?  I can scan in your print
photos and edit them for you.  Editing the resulting image will probably include removing
smudges, stains and tears - which can be very time-consuming (or even impossible) with very
badly damaged photos.  Usually, though, scanning and editing a print photo will still result in a
clearer, better image, even if it isn't possible to remove all the imperfections.

>>Note on Print Photos:  scanned-in print photos usually will not give you as good an image as
a digital photo.  I recommend using digital photos for most business uses.  On the other hand,
scanning in your family print photos is an excellent way to put together a digital family photo album,
or simply to preserve your old photos in another format.

Working Together

My photo editing services are available to clients locally from Digby to Annapolis Royal, and via the
Internet anywhere in Canada.
INITIAL CONSULTATION: before beginning to work together, we will discuss your needs in a free personal
consultation (in person or by phone or email).  

WORKSITE:  I generally work from my home office, but can work on-site with local clients from Digby to
Annapolis Royal  

Print photos:  Send photos by mail or courier, or local clients can arrange to drop off their photos. 
After editing, the original materials will be returned the same way.  Finished digital images will be
sent as email attachments or via Hightail.com.

Digital images:  can be emailed as attachments, or I can arrange to upload/download by
Hightail.com.  Finished images will  be returned in the same way.  Note: local clients (Annapolis
Royal, NS area) can instead drop off digital images on a USB stick; the finished images will be
returned the same way.

File Format:  Usually digital files will be sent to me in .jpg format, but most other formats are also
acceptable.  Properly-sized JPG files are fine for both online and print use, and are acceptable at
places like Walmart if you want to use a commercial printer. 

If you prefer a different file format for your finished image, please specify the format you want
when you order.  I can save digital files to a very wide variety of formats.

>>Note:  It is possible to reduce a photo image with no problem, but an image cannot be made
larger without losing quality.  Please send the largest possible original image.

COPYRIGHT:  the client is responsible for copyrights.  See my Copyright page for helpful information.


Hourly:   $20/hour, usually billed monthly.

Or you can pre-pay for a block of time in advance.  (With a pre-paid block I will send you a timesheet
showing the time used and the amount remaining).

Interested?  Contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.
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