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Ordering and Payment Information.

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Here you find information on ordering services and stock images from Dustwood Media. Payment, satisfaction guarantee and return policy are all included.

I work with clients in the Annapolis Royal area of Nova Scotia (Digby to Bridgetown), and via the Internet anywhere in Canada.  Stock images are available to anyone world-wide.   All prices on this website in Canadian dollars.

Ordering And Paying For Services

INITIAL CONSULTATION:  Before we begin working together we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or via phone or email).

WORKSITE:  I work from my home office, where I have the equipment and software I need.  

INVOICING FOR SERVICES:  I will send you an invoice (usually via email) monthly, or you can prepay for a block of time.  Invoices are payable on receipt.  Prepaid blocks are good for 1 year; I send a monthly report detailing how much of the block has been used and how much is left.   I accept cheques, money orders, e-transfers, and PayPal payments.  

NOTE:  if payment is excessively late, I reserve the right to suspend all work until the outstanding payment has been remitted.

Free Stock Images


Free stock images can be downloaded directly from the Stock Images pages.  See the Licensing page for details on licensing images.

Art/Photo PRints on ArtPal

Dustwood Media's ArtPal Gallery:  Buying one of my prints from ArtPal is similar to buying a product from amazon.ca or any other online store.

Print-As-You-Go.  When you buy one of my prints on ArtPal, the order is fulfilled by ArtPal.  They custom-make the item you ordered and ship it to you.

Payment:  ArtPal handles all payment details - you pay them, then later they pay me my percentage of the order price.

Stock Music on Pond5

Dustwood Media's Pond5 Portfolio:   Pond5 is a worldwide marketplace for stock music and other media, providing a platform where professional audio and visual artists can sell their original works.  In other words, I upload the stock music created by my late husband, R.J. "Dusty" Woods; Pond5 reviews the files and makes them available online for you to purchase for your personal or business projects.

Payment:  when ordering my stock music from Pond5, payment is handled by Pond5, who later send me my percentage of the sales.  You can pay per item, purchase a prepaid credit pack ($250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500 - each pack providing you with a bonus of from $25 to $500), or pick a membership (a music membership is $35 per month, 10 downloads per month.) 

Refunds:  if not satisfied, you can request a 100% refund from Pond5 within 24 hours of purchasing.

Licensing:  All Pond5 purchases include their royalty-free license for personal or business projects with worldwide distribution, no time limit, and for an unlimited number of projects.  Check their Content License Agreement for full details.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I want satisfied clients!  If there is a problem, please contact me right away so we can work out a solution.  

Returns Policy

FREE STOCK IMAGES:  there are no returns on my free stock images (how do you "return" a digital file, anyway?)  If you download something you don't like, just delete it - easy!

ARTPAL PRODUCTS:  ArtPal's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:
"We're confident you'll love your new art! Unless otherwise noted, all art comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply request a refund or replacement within 30 days of shipping. Please note that refunds require a return and shipping costs are not refunded, however, replacements for damage are provided at absolutely no cost to you. Your satisfaction is important to us and we'll ensure you're happy with your new art."

Payment Information

For services, I accept cheques, money orders, e-transfers, and PayPal payments.  (Actually, I also accept cash, but frankly it's better business practice to pay by cheque, money order, e-transfer or PayPal!).  My Paypal payment address is jeriwoods (at) dustwood-media.com.  E-transfers can be sent to jeriwoods (at) dustwood-media.com.

All prices on this site are in Canadian dollars. All prices are subject to change without notice.  

Shipping Information

Free stock images are downloaded by you directly from the website.

Prints from my ArtPal Gallery are physically shipped by ArtPal; Stock Music products from my Pond5 Portfolio are downloaded from Pond5.