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Licensing Stock Images.

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COPYRIGHT:  all of my free and premium images are copyrighted and protected under Canadian and international laws and treaties.  The media remain the sole and exclusive property of the copyright holder (usually the artist/photographer).  Use of the images is licensed to the customer as described below.

General Limitations

These limitations apply to both free stock images (under a Creative Commons BY License) and premium stock images (under purchased license):

1) You may not transfer or assign to another the rights to the image(s) in any form.

2) You may not use the image(s) in any way that could be considered defamatory, pornographic, libellous, immoral, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal.

3) If you use any image or part of any image as part of a trademark, service mark, or logo, such use does not affect the copyright of Jeri-Lynn Woods (owner of Dustwood Media) to the image and does not limit others from using the image or part of an image when they license said image (under a Creative Commons BY License or by purchase) from Dustwood Media.  The only exception is if you arrange to purchase exclusive rights to the image.


"Non-Exclusive" means that other persons or companies may also purchase the media from Dustwood Media.  "Royalty-Free" means that you are not required to pay extra money (royalties) each time the media are used.  "Non-assignable and non-transferable" means that only the person (or company) that purchased the media has the rights assigned as noted above.  

Creative Commons Licensing

Free stock images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ("BY") license.

"BY" License Terms:

These free stock images are NOT public domain.  The images are subject to the General Limitations noted above, as well as to the BY licensing terms (below).  

You are granted the right to use any of the free stock images for commercial, business, non-profit or personal use, including making changes to the images, provided that you attribute the images to Jeri-Lynn Woods and/or Dustwood Media and you indicate if any changes were made.  This attribution does not have to be directly on the item on which the image is used, but must be easily and readily accessible - for example:  a mention on your website that "all images are used under license from Dustwood Media".

(Read the full BY License summary.)

(Read the full BY License legal code.)