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You started your business to do what you love.  Let me handle the dull, technical stuff for you so you can focus on what you do best!

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Stock Images: original photos and artwork from Dustwood Media.
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My Virtual Assistant services are available to small businesses in the Digby area of Nova Scotia (Digby, Clementsvale, Bear River, Annapolis Royal), and via the Internet anywhere in Canada.

Office Services:  You have better things to do than type or wrestle with numbers.  I do data entry, typing, spreadsheets, plus designing and editing spreadsheets and documents using Microsoft Word and Excel 365.

Photo Editing:  Need images edited for use in promo materials or social media?  Have pictures that need fixing, but lack the tools - and time - to do it yourself?  I can provide the picture editing services you need using Corel Paintshop Pro.


RESOURCES & LINKS:  There are lots of helpful resources and links out there for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including authors, artists, and musicians.  You'll find links to a great selection on the Resources & Links page.

CLIENT REVIEWS:  Find out what current and former clients have to say about my services on the Client Reviews page.  You can also send me  your own client review!

ABOUT DUSTWOOD MEDIA:  I'm a Virtual Assistant specializing in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially authors, artists and musicians.  Find out more about my background and experience on the  About Dustwood Media page.  There you'll also find pages with information on ordering, payment, licensing stock images, and my privacy policy.

CONTACT ME:  Find complete contact informationon the Contact DM  page.

Stock Images:  Original stock  images for your business, commercial or personal use.  Images are sized for particular uses - various size prints, slideshow images, online images, and computer wallpaper.  Download free images under a Creative Commons BY license.  (Stock Image Collections coming later in 2018).


Office services from Dustwood Media.Photo editing services from Dustwood Media.Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA).