You want to focus on your writing.  Let me help you with the technical details. 

INDEXING:  book indexing to Chicago Manual of Style specifications.  Includes editing to catch errors and redundancies.

DOCUMENT EDITING:  Expert formatting of Microsoft Word documents, and editing to catch errors and redundancies. 

PHOTO EDITING:  includes trimming, resizing, and adding captions to photos.

Working together

My Virtual Assistant services are available in person to clients in the Annapolis Royal area of Nova Scotia (from Digby to Bridgetown), and via the Internet anywhere in Canada.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: before beginning to work together, we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or by phone or email).  

WORKSITE:  I generally work from my home office, but can work on-site with local clients in the Annapolis Royal area.  


  • For indexing, documents in Word or PDF format can be emailed to me.  Indexes will be created in .DOCX format but finished indexes can be saved to PDF or other formats if needed.  NOTE:  Book indexing is done from the completed manuscript; if editing is required after indexing is begun, the indexing will need to be completely re-done!
  • For editing, documents in Word format can be emailed to me. 
  • For photo editing, print photos can be mailed (or brought to me if you are local).  Digital photos can be emailed.  NOTE:  Any common image format (JPG, TIF, etc.) is acceptable, but lossy formats like JPGs must NOT have been edited and re-saved previously.  Digital images should be as large as possible.
  • Original materials will be returned to the client unless otherwise requested. 
  • The client is responsible for the cost of mailing.


Hourly:   $20/hour, usually billed monthly. 
Or you can pre-pay for a block of time in advance.  (With a pre-paid block I will send you a timesheet showing the time used and the amount remaining).

Interested?  Contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.