Keep track of your artwork, whether paintings, drawings, photographs, or sculptures, with a specially-designed spreadsheet database.  Record titles, media, details, descriptions, prices, status (such as “sold”, “in gallery”, “on display”).  

I create your specialized spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.  Don’t have Microsoft Office?  I can save your spreadsheet in Apache Open Office Calc format (download Apache Open Office for free at

Working together

My Virtual Assistant services are available locally to clients in the Annapolis Royal area of Nova Scotia (from Digby to Bridgetown), and via the Internet anywhere in Canada.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: before beginning to work together, we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or by phone or email).  

WORKSITE:  I generally work from my home office, but can work on-site with local clients in the Annapolis Royal area.  


Drafts of information to be entered into spreadsheets can be brought to my home office (local clients), emailed or mailed.  (Or, at a pinch, dictated over the phone). 

If you have an existing spreadsheet you’d like updated, it can be emailed to me.  Otherwise I will design the spreadsheet to your specifications, emailing the results to you for your approval. 

Have your spreadsheet updated regularly with new data.

Original materials will be returned to the client unless otherwise requested. 

The client is responsible for the cost of mailing.

FILE FORMAT: I can accept document or spreadsheet files in Word (.doc, .docx) or Excel (.xls, . xlsx) format, or in any other common word processor or spreadsheet format.  Note: I am able to convert PDF files to .docx or .xlsx files, so these can be edited as well.  You can also send JPG files or other image formats as drafts; these should be as large as possible for the sake of clarity.

COPYRIGHT:  the artist is responsible for copyrights.  See my Copyright page for helpful information.


Hourly:   $20/hour, usually billed monthly. 
Or you can pre-pay for a block of time in advance.  (With a pre-paid block I will send you a timesheet showing the time used and the amount remaining).

Interested?  Contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.