Bumps In the Road

dirt path running through shrubs and trees.

Any business is likely to run into occasional problems.  These bumps in the road can be anything from mildly annoying to downright scary!  Coping with bumps requires that you keep your head, figure out a solution (with help if needed), and stick to it.

Here’s my latest bump in the road:  the program I was using to design and update my website, WYSIWIG Web Builder, suddenly started misbehaving.  With this program you design, or re-design, the website on your own computer and then upload it to your web host when it’s ready to go, which is nice because you don’t have to do your website building right under the eyes of your clients.

Well, suddenly I wasn’t able to do a necessary update to my website because I COULD NOT get the site navigation to work. 


Fortunately, I had a fallback to switch to.  I’ve used WordPress previously to build my websites, so I decided – after a couple of days of struggling to get Web Builder to work – to switch back to WordPress.

Good solution.  Unfortunately, since I was fixing my existing website (rather than starting a new one), I had to publish the pages immediately so there would be SOMETHING there for visitors to find!  Now, every instruction on creating a website will tell you that you do not want to have your visitors see something like “Under Construction” when they hit your website.  Yet here I definitely had to have some kind of note at the start of at least the home page saying that, basically, “I’m working on it!”

At this point I’m still reconstructing my website.  Fortunately, I create and save the text for each page as a Word document, so setting up each page goes pretty quickly. 

So, thank you to my visitors for their patience while I weather this bump in the road – and my sympathy to all you other small business owners out there as you cope with your own bumps in the road!

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