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BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE: I got my start on computers in 1986.  I worked for many years in office jobs from file clerk to executive secretary and office manager.  Meanwhile, as an artist married to a musician, I gained experience in using my images to design music CD covers as well as a variety of promotional materials.  I taught myself computer image editing, and added photo editing when I discovered the wonderful world of digital cameras.  I have extensive experience in graphic design, creating everything from websites and social media profiles to brochures and catalogues.  Almost from the beginning I found myself helping others with their computers - first co-workers, then clients.  

I'm a certified Microsoft Office Specialist with expertise in Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher 2013.  I have over 30 years of experience in artwork, office work and on computers, and 12 years of web design and photo editing experience.  I'm experienced in setting up and maintaining Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts, and WordPress blogs.

SOFTWARE:  I have the following software:  Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook); Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X6; Serif MoviePlus X6; Serif WebPlus X6; NoteTab Light; Apache Open Office (Calc and Writer); Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Wndows 8.1.

EDUCATION:  3 ½ years in university as a Fine Arts major; a one-year certificate in Bookkeeping; continuing education courses including MS Office Specialist, Focused Marketing, Goal Setting, Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service, The Quality Advantage, and How To Manage Projects, Priorities & Deadlines.  Self-taught in Microsoft Office, website design, desktop publishing, digital photography and image/photo editing.


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About Dustwood Media.
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 INITIAL CONSULTATION:  Before we begin working together we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or via phone or email).

WORKSITE:  I work in person with clients in the Clementsvale / Digby area of Nova Scotia, although I can also work virtually (via email, phone, and mail) with clients anywhere in Canada.  I usually work from my own home office.

HOURS:  Dustwood Media is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Atlantic Time - that's 1 hour later than Eastern time), Monday to Friday.  If I happen to be out of the office, leave a phone message or email - I check back frequently.

Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA).


Dustwood Media is a one-person home business.  All of my clients get personal attention.  More than just a "hired gun", I feel that I am a member of my clients' team.

LOCATION:  Dustwood Media is located at 1338 Clementsport Road, Clementsvale, Nova Scotia, Canada (see Contact Us for the mailing address).

RATES:  Virtual Assistant services:  $18/hr.  (Prices are in Canadian dollars).

TERMS:  Services are invoiced monthly and payment is due on receipt; or the client can pre-purchase a block of time.  Pre-Paid Blocks expire after 1 year.  I accept cash, cheques, money orders and PayPal payments.

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE:  Between day jobs, previous home businesses, and clients, I have experience working with the following:

Come to Dustwood Media for the expertise you need so you can focus on what you do best!  I do the dull, technical stuff for you!