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Help with social media from Dustwood Media.


It’s certainly possible to have an online business without using any social media sites, so why use them?  Because social media sites are a top-notch way of advertising your business and bringing traffic to your website!

For instance:  LinkedIn has 150 million business users who are actively seeking networking opportunities, with most users in the 25-54 age range.  YouTube has 490 million visitors monthly, and is the second most popular search engine after Google.  (Thanks to Sarah Santacroce of Simplicity Admins for this info!)


There’s nothing stopping you from diving into social media on your own - if you have time.  If you’d rather save the time (and skip the learning curve and frustration!), I can:

Dustwood Media takes full advantage of social media!  Check out Jeri's Office blog (hints and tips on websites, email, the Internet, and more), my Pinterest page, my LinkedIn profile, and my YouTube channel.


You can utilize my social media skills in two ways:  to set up your social media account (after which you will maintain it yourself), or to maintain the account as well, using information you email to me.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: before beginning to work together, we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or by phone or email).  

WORKSITE:  I generally work from my home office where I have all the tools and equipment I need, but I can work on-site with local clients in the Clementsvale and Digby areas of Nova Scotia.  


Information needed to set up a social media account is best provided either in person or over the phone.  

Information to be used to update a social media account can be emailed to me, or printed materials can be brought to my home office (local clients) or mailed.  (Or, at a pinch, dictated over the phone).  

Original materials will be returned to the client unless otherwise requested.  

The client is responsible for the cost of mailing.

FILE FORMAT: I can accept files in Word or Excel format, any other common word processor or spreadsheet format, PDF files and JPG or other image files.


Hourly:  $18/hour, usually billed monthly.  
Or you can
pre-pay for a block of time in advance.  (With a pre-paid block I will send you a timesheet showing the time used and the amount remaining).

Interested?  Contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.

Utilize the power of social media to build up your business!  I can help you set up your LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, WordPress blog and Twitter profile to help promote your business and website.  This includes editing photos to fit the required sizes for social media page headers.