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The Cloud: Round 2

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A while ago I published a blog post called “The Un-“Cloud”-ed Day”, [http://dustwood-media.com/jeri-office/general/the-un-cloud-ed-day/] basically expressing my skepticism towards the enthusiastic embracing of computing “in the cloud”.  The risks of having your business’s vital information stored on someone else’s server (which is what cloud computing basically is) struck me as far outweighing the advantages. I recently received a very pleasant email… Read more »

Lean On Me

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Especially in North America, we hear a lot about how we are supposed to be independent and not need anyone else. This turns out not to be the case. We need other people.  Other people need us.  Even in a one-person home business, we are dependent on others – our clients, our family, supportive friends, even the anonymous people who… Read more »

Sick Time? What’s That?

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“I won’t be in to work today – I’m sick”. Most people with a day job have made a call like that at least once.  If you happened to have a job with benefits, you could even rest easy in the assurance that you would still get paid (as long as you hadn’t used up your allowance of “sick days”)…. Read more »

Home Business 101: Enter the Computer

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Our first attempts at home businesses were pretty basic. Bookkeeping was a matter of pencil and paper (those hideous multi-columned ledgers). Ads were hand-written posters or else paid ads in newspapers or whatnot. Then came the computer, and a host of handy tools: word processors (good old Microsoft Word for DOS), printers (horrible old line-printers, followed by the slightly better… Read more »

Home Business 101: The Start

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I suspect that many people get into home businesses the way I did: they fall into it. When I got married, I had a few basic skills (beyond home skills like cooking): I was good at math, I could type, and I had a talent for drawing. My husband, Dusty (his stage name), was going to college to become a… Read more »