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The Cloud: Round 2

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A while ago I published a blog post called “The Un-“Cloud”-ed Day”, [http://dustwood-media.com/jeri-office/general/the-un-cloud-ed-day/] basically expressing my skepticism towards the enthusiastic embracing of computing “in the cloud”.  The risks of having your business’s vital information stored on someone else’s server (which is what cloud computing basically is) struck me as far outweighing the advantages. I recently received a very pleasant email… Read more »

Head In The Cloud?

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Computer experts are now predicting that in the next few years most businesses will be storing their information “in the cloud”. I continue to be boggled by the way people jump on new technology without really thinking things through.  Storage “in the cloud” means, basically, storing your data on someone else’s hard drive.  It may be a huge bank of… Read more »