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Sick Time? What’s That?

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“I won’t be in to work today – I’m sick”. Most people with a day job have made a call like that at least once.  If you happened to have a job with benefits, you could even rest easy in the assurance that you would still get paid (as long as you hadn’t used up your allowance of “sick days”)…. Read more »

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

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What is a VA? What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Who uses VAs?  Why should you use one? A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor providing freelance business services.  Different VA’s offer different services, ranging from accounting to word processing, from event management to website design.  Whatever the particular service offered, the VA’s goal when working with a client is… Read more »

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

I just found an interesting article on website design; it sounded useful, so I decided to download the free PDF. 1) I clicked on “Download the PDF” and got a pop-up box asking for my email address.  No problem. 2) I got the email.  It had a link in it to “click here to download the PDF”.  Well, I’d already… Read more »

Know Your (Copy)Rights

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Business Owner? Artist? Songwriter? Author? Do you use print ads? flyers? brochures? a website? YouTube videos? Do your products include images? text? music? If you publish ANYTHING – from a print ad to a song to a full-length novel – you need to know about copyright. So what is “copyright”? It’s pretty simple (in a way): it’s the RIGHT to… Read more »

The Myth of the “Death Of The Desktop”

There are plenty of articles online (and elsewhere) now about how mobile devices are overtaking desktop devices. Most of these articles urge the reader to adapt to the “mobile revolution”. This is not the whole story. Here’s some interesting data on mobile device use: How do consumers use mobile devices to access the Web? According to Online Publishers Association/Frank N…. Read more »