Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

I just found an interesting article on website design; it sounded useful, so I decided to download the free PDF. 1) I clicked on “Download the PDF” and got a pop-up box asking for my email address.  No problem. 2) I got the email.  It had a link in it to “click here to download the PDF”.  Well, I’d already… Read more »

The Voice Of The Artist

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Today I happened to look up “Fra Angelico” on Google. Fra Angelico was an Italian painter and monk in the late 1300s – mid 1400s. Anyone who’s ever done an art history course has at least heard of him – his paintings are all over the place, including St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. I found several biographies of Fra Angelico… Read more »

The Internet: Swimming With Sharks

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Ah, the world of the Internet. Instant communications, facts at your fingertips. And the world’s greatest prowling ground for fakes, liars, thieves and worse. When you go to the Internet, what do you get? Words, images, and sounds. The closest you can come to actual face-to-face interaction with another human being is via videoconferencing (such as Skype). Otherwise, what you… Read more »

Know Your (Copy)Rights

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Business Owner? Artist? Songwriter? Author? Do you use print ads? flyers? brochures? a website? YouTube videos? Do your products include images? text? music? If you publish ANYTHING – from a print ad to a song to a full-length novel – you need to know about copyright. So what is “copyright”? It’s pretty simple (in a way): it’s the RIGHT to… Read more »

Respect Your Art

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A couple of words of wisdom to all aspiring visual artists out there – learned the hard way: 1) USE TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS. When I was starting out, including when I was studying Fine Arts in university (more on that later), I used the cheapest materials I could find. In fact, in art classes I was actually told to use large… Read more »