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Especially in North America, we hear a lot about how we are supposed to be independent and not need anyone else.

Lean on me - old family photo.This turns out not to be the case.

We need other people.  Other people need us.  Even in a one-person home business, we are dependent on others – our clients, our family, supportive friends, even the anonymous people who make available to us services like the Internet.

This video says it perfectly:

Think about who you depend on – and thank them.  Think about who depends on you – and encourage them.

2 thoughts on “Lean On Me

  1. Jo Ann Pallay

    I love it!! Especially the pic of the Family. My mother is the only one still alive in that picture. And they certainly did lean on and rely on one another. Two of the brothers built the two story log cabin behind them. Felled the trees, dragged them across a big lake in the middle of winter with two borrowed horses, and built it by hand the nextra summer. Several family members lived in it….and in the beginning: no indoor plumbing; and running water meant running down to the lake with two pails!

  2. Jeri-Lynn Woods Post author

    I’m glad you’re pleased! When I was trying to think what would be a good image to include with this post, that photo of your folks occurred to me almost immediately! I didn’t know about the brothers building the log cabin – what a fascinating life! And such a good illustration of what I talk about in the blog post – we’re all dependent on each other (even for fetching the water!)

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