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StormMy life is going through one of those challenging times:  my husband has been seriously ill for months (and will continue to be for a while); because of that, my aging arthritic body has been challenged to take up all the things that my husband used to do around the house, as well as providing regular healthy meals (and help with insulin shots) for a new diabetic who has no appetite but must eat regularly.  Plus a few little extras like an unexpected money problem… and let’s not even think about the fact that income taxes are coming up soon!

So how does a small-business owner cope with business in the face of challenges like these?

First step:  do what must be done.  Be sure those clients are being taken care of – although it is legitimate to ask for a bit of slack where possible.  Get those basic bookkeeping chores done.  Be sure the bills are paid.  If necessary and possible, get a “business buddy” to step in and help out.

Second step:  postpone what you can.  This is a time when those plans you had to further your business education, upgrade your skills, or investigate new advertising venues can be put on hold.

Third step:  take care of yourself.  Don’t neglect your own healthy eating.  Keep finding ways to get a bit of mild exercise (which will do a lot to elevate your mood, too).  If you are a person of faith, don’t neglect prayer and worship – not only to put everything into proper perspective, but to get yourself some effectual help.  And don’t be afraid to ask people for help when you need it.

Fourth step:  take an occasional “vacation”.  Even a couple of hours relaxing with a good book, or having tea with a friend, can help.

This too, shall pass.  Keep calm and carry on.

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