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Respect Your Art

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A couple of words of wisdom to all aspiring visual artists out there – learned the hard way: 1) USE TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS. When I was starting out, including when I was studying Fine Arts in university (more on that later), I used the cheapest materials I could find. In fact, in art classes I was actually told to use large… Read more »

The Artist Re-Emerges: Changes At Dustwood Media

Sometimes it seems that running a business means a constant stream of making decisions. What products? What services? What pricing? Who’s our market? How do we reach them? Should we spend more on advertising? What do we do with the website? and on and on… Here at Dustwood Media I recently made a pretty major decision. Now that I am… Read more »

Using Images

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In this image-intensive digital world, you may find it helpful to know what sizes of images to use for what purposes. (Note: all image dimensions are given in width x height). First, a quick word about resolution: there is a difference between PPI (pixels per inch) and DPI (dots per inch). PPI refers to how an image displays on a… Read more »