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Blog Rant

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(A blog rant – a “blant”? a “rog”? – is a rant about blogs!) I follow a number of blogs on a regular basis. I follow them because I find their content entertaining, amusing, uplifting, and/or thought-provoking. But I have a complaint. Almost all of the blogs I follow make the user wait… and wait… and wait… and WAIT while… Read more »

Eight Handy Tools For Online

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Here’s a quick list of some very handy computer tools for businesses.  These are all tools that I use and have found valuable. 1.  Use Bitly to create short URLs – great for using in Twitter tweets.  You can use Bitly without logging in, but if you sign up for a free account you can keep track of all… Read more »

How to blog: sharing content

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Blogging is an essential tool for any website owner.  It not only helps you reach your audience – your market – it also helps your readers come to feel that they know you.  Developing that kind of level of comfort is essential for doing business, and yet it is much harder to do online than it is in face-to-face business… Read more »