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Keeping Safe In Email? Think Paranoid!

I just got an email, supposedly from Pinterest (where I have a profile), saying “Your password has been successfully changed! Click here to download your password to email!” Two things immediately rang a warning bell in my mind: I had NOT changed my Pinterest password. The “Click here to download…” link in the email. I followed standard safety procedure:  I… Read more »

SEO Website Design: What Difference Does It Make?

Why bother about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when designing a website? The short answer:  Results! SEO is all about making your website more relevant (in the eyes of search engines) to searches for a given keyword phrase. A keyword phrase is something that someone types into a search engine (such as Google) in order to try and find something.  For… Read more »

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

…you must be in business!  I’ve seen it time and again:  you work away at something for your business, carefully dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s; you finally finish, and implement your wonderful new system/product/service… and there’s a problem.  Sometimes a really big problem, sometimes a bunch of little ones, but there’ ALWAYS a problem! Business Rule… Read more »

Problem playing MP3s in Firefox

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If you, like me, prefer Firefox as your browser, you may have discovered a problem (at least it seemed like a problem to me!) when you tried to play an MP3 file in Firefox. Even though I had my Firefox defaults set to use Windows Media Player to play MP3 files (under Tools > Options > Applications), every time I… Read more »

Jeri’s Office Is Open!

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It’s June 15, 2013, and Jeri’s Office is officially open!  This blog of mine is where I plan to share hints, tips and how-to’s, and whatever else strikes my fancy – all with the aim of offering support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, WAHMs, and churches. Today I’m celebrating finally getting my business website online!  Dustwood Media has been officially open… Read more »