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My graphic design experience includes designing posters, flyers, business cards, catalogues, album covers, website headers, graphics and badges for websites, and graphics for blogs and social media (including social media headers).  (See the Graphic Design Portfolio for examples.)

Graphic design services include:

I can print master copies of brochures, posters and catalogues for you, or save the files in PDF format for you to print yourself or take to a printing service.  I can also print small batches of business cards for you, or create PDF files that you can print yourself on business card blanks.

You can also utilize my photo editing services to prepare images for use in promotional materials.


Marketing and promotional materials like business cards, brochures, and catalogues are indispensable tools for any business.  With today's equipment and software, creating your own is easier than ever… if you know how to use the tools.  If you haven't the skills - or the time - to create your own promo materials, my graphic design services can serve you well.

I use Corel Paintshop Pro X8, Microsoft Office Word and Publisher 2016 to create marketing and promo materials according to your specifications.  (Note:  files created in JPG, DOCX, and PUB formats can all be delivered to you in PDF format if preferred.)


INITIAL CONSULTATION: before beginning to work together, we will discuss your needs in a free personal consultation (in person or by phone or email).  

WORKSITE:  I generally work from my home office where I have all the tools and equipment I need, but I can work on-site with local clients in the Clementsvale and Digby areas of Nova Scotia.  




Hourly:  $18/hour, usually billed monthly.
Or you can pre-pay for a block of time in advance.  (With a pre-paid block I will send you a timesheet showing the time used and the amount remaining).

Mail or courier costs (for sending and returning print photos for scanning/editing) are the responsibility of the client.

Interested?  Contact me to arrange a free initial meeting.

Let Dustwood Media provide the graphic design expertise you need.


If you are using images for anything, you need to be aware of - and in compliance with - copyright.  The client is responsible for making sure that he or she has copyright to any images being used.  

Find more information
on copyright and Creative Commons licenses on the Copyright page.

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Designed the CD cover for Dusty Woods' latest album, "Honky-Tonk Days".

Dusty Woods album: "Honky-Tonk Days".

Need a brochure, business card, catalogue or other promotional item?  Lack the tools - and time - to do it yourself?  Dustwood Media can provide the graphic design services you need.