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Website badges are handy graphics to add to a website - also useful for social media links.  Sizes and shapes can vary.

Using business card blanks to print your own business cards makes it possible to create small batches with different purposes, such as focusing on a different aspect of the business.  And since you only print enough cards at a time for anticipated use, there is much less waste if the card information needs to be changed at any time.

Dustwood Media graphic design services: business cards (for R.J. Woods Productions). Dustwood Media graphic design services:  tri-fold brochure (for R.J. Woods Productions).

One side of a tri-fold brochure.  Design for print media includes things like deciding what type of paper stock to use for printing.  If the brochure is to be printed by a service such as VistaPrint, the design must also comply with the service's design parameters.

Dustwood Media graphic design services:  website badge (for JR's Certified Appraisals). Dustwood Media graphic design services: music CD cover foldout (for Dusty Woods' Gypsy Blues album). Dustwood Media graphic design services: music CD covers (for Dusty Woods).


Top left:  an actual cover image, created as a single JPG file.  

Bottom:  the whole cover insert for a CD album, which will be cut out along the guidelines and folded in half to form a booklet.   

All images are original photos or drawings by Jeri-Lynn Woods of Dustwood Media.

Dustwood Media graphic design services:  Facebook cover (for Dustwood Media). Dustwood Media graphic design services: Google+ page cover (for Dustwood Media).

Different social media sites call for different sizes of images, but it’s necessary to use the same basic image for continuity (and identifiability).  Above left:  a Facebook cover.  Below left:  a Google+ page cover.  

Dustwood Media Graphic Design Services:  logo (Kinnaird Church of God).

An example of logo design.  The basic design idea came from the client; Dustwood Media provided (and edited) the photo image and chose the fonts.  Logo was subsequently used on banners, brochures, and souvenir coffee mugs.

All of the examples on this Graphic Design Portfolio page are actual designs used for various Dustwood Media clients at various times.  Some images have a light grey border added for the sake of clarity.  Images are displayed at less than full-size.

Sample of graphic design projects from Dustwood Media.

What is Graphic Design?

"Graphic design… is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content." (from the American Institute of Graphic Arts website ).  

Graphic design includes design for print media (posters, flyers, business cards, print ads, packaging, album covers, magazine covers, logos etc.) and digital design (including website pages, blogs, YouTube videos, and materials for social media).