Resources for Canadian Authors, Artists and Musicians.

Whether you are a Canadian author, artist, or musician, you want to focus on what you love.  Let me provide helpful resources and handle the dull, technical back-end stuff for you so you can focus on what you do best!

Resources and Services:

My services are available to clients locally from Digby to Annapolis Royal, and via the Internet anywhere in Canada.  Resources are available via the Internet anywhere in Canada.
RESOURCES FOR AUTHORS:  book indexing, document editing and photo editing services and other resources.
RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS:  spreadsheet databases to track your artworks and other resources.
RESOURCES FOR MUSICIANS: spreadsheet databases to track your music; get your music set up on, and other resources.
PHOTO EDITING:  image editing services to prepare your images for online or print use.
STOCK IMAGES:  Original stock images for business, commercial or personal use.  Images are sized for particular uses - full page / half page / quarter page prints, slideshow images, and computer wallpaper.  Includes an assortment of free original images available under a Creative Commons BY license.  

About Dustwood Media:

I'm a Virtual Assistant specializing in working with authors, artists and musicians.  Find out more about my background and experience on the About Dustwood Media page.  In this area you'll also find pages with information on ordering and payment, copyright, licensing stock images, client reviews, and my privacy policy.
Find a selection of resources for personal or business use on the Other Resources page.

Other Resources

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